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The mission and management philosophy of Christian Acres is to provide a versatile community based alternative to traditional juvenile placement for those residents referred to the program by agencies with who the agency has entered into contractual agreements.  The program’s philosophy is that education and role-modeling instigate positive and sustainable changes in attitude and behavior. 

The program provides a direct approach to specific treatment issues, commensurate with the cognitive level and degree of sophistication of adolescents.  The facility employs a behavior modification program that measures success using a token economy system that reflects the quality of the resident’s behavior in all aspects of campus life.  Any behavioral changes achieved during a relatively short period of residential care may become enduring characteristics that enable the resident to reintegrate safely and productively into the community. 

The academic program is provided through standard public education.  In collaboration with the school system an academic program is designed to meet the needs of the residents’ entire range of abilities and grade levels.  Satisfactory attendance and progression in education is mandatory.

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